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Superb HD Encoding Program: WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Giveaway on GOTD in March 22

WonderFox Soft will hold a golden giveaway activity in cooperation with GOTD in Mar.22 2016. Users will get a free HD video converter pro in that day for a better HD audio-visual life enjoyment.

<p>As a HD Video Converting Software favored by many users, the HD Video Converter Pro provides high definition video solution for thousands of families around the globe. For those who love watching movies, then don&rsquo;t miss this HD video converter. And the manufacturer - WonderFox Soft is devoted to the best HD enjoyment for everyone.</p> <p><strong>HD Video Converter Giveaway</strong></p> <p>For most digital fans who loves free software products, they know the best of the best is GOTD - Giveaway of the Day, it offers the most professional and reliable software downloads with thousands different products everysday. Everyone will find their wanted free software on: www[dot]giveawayoftheday[dot]com. Since HD Video Converter Factory Pro is one wonderful shareware which is supported and loved by many users due to its functions and service, thus WonderFox Soft will release a <strong>GOTD HD onverter giveaway on Mar 22, 2016, just one day.&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><em>&ldquo;This is a fast-changing society which means more and more people pays attention to the efficiency, and this phenomenon is reflecting to all aspects. &rdquo; Shawn Lee, Marketing Manager of WonderFox Soft. says. &ldquo;So digital users need some products that has fast speed and also can personalize their needs, even HD video converter freebie in software market. All employees are so glad to have HD video converter on GAOTD this time and ready to embrace the market.&rdquo;</em></p> <p><strong>Features About This Free HD Video Converter Pro</strong></p> <p><strong>1.</strong>Supporting nearly 200+ video formats and most of portable devices, such as iPhone series Samsung series, Nexus, kindle fire etc. &nbsp; Easily transfer video to kind of smart TV to solve incompatible problems.</p> <p><strong>2.</strong>Providing support for converting SD video to HD video in fast speed for have a better visual experience.</p> <p><strong>3.</strong>Providing support for shrinking video size without lose original quality for saving storage and cash.</p> <p><strong>4.</strong>Providing support for downloading video from online video-share website like Youtube, Facebook, Liveleak, Vimeo etc.</p> <p>What else can it do? www[dot]videoconverterfactory[dot]com/hd-video-converter/</p> <p>More details about WonderFox HD video converter giveaway on Giveaway of the Day, there&rsquo;s no free upgrade &amp; technical support for giveaway version.</p> <p><strong>About WonderFox</strong></p> <p>WonderFox Soft, Inc., established in 2009, is a software developer specialized ultimate home media solution for customers, products?including video/audio converting and editing programs compatible with Windows 7/8/10.</p> <p>Website: <a href="www.videoconverterfactory.com" target="_blank">www.videoconverterfactory.com</a></p> <p>Address: JianShe Road, ChengHua District, ChengDu</p> <p>Country: China</p> <p>State: SiChuan</p> <p>ZIP: 610000</p> <p>Questions are welcome, contact timothy@videoconverterfactory.com if there&rsquo;s any.</p>

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